About Us

This is our great initiative as Bengalis for the progress of our own language script. We want to move forward with “Bengali Language” of our soul in harmony with all the languages of the world. Because, languages are the most powerful instruments of preserving and developing our tangible and intangible heritage. Our language is basically not easily accessible like other languages. We had to shed fresh blood for this language. Our journey started with respect of the struggle and sacrifices of the heroic Bengalis in 1952’s. We basically develop the Bengali alphabets usable on computer or digital medium and make it available to everyone through our website. Which includes our research, adding new features, creating smooth fonts, researching modern fonts and taking all kinds of activities to decorate the font above all. We develop Bangla fonts according to Unicode and Anand Computer (Bijoy) keyboard layout, all our fonts can be used on smartphones, computers, tabs and all kinds of Type Reading software.
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